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When was Revation Systems founded?

Revation Systems was founded in 01/2003

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Which sectors does Revation Systems operate within?

Revation Systems' core solutions are built to improve virtual patient communications in healthcare and reduce barriers to digital banking within the finance and banking sector.

Products created by Revation Systems include LinkLive Banking, LinkLive Healthcare, Communicator, and Reva AI - a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Where is the headquarters of Revation Systems?

Revation Systems primarily operates out of offices in Minnesota and California.

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Which features differentiate Revation Systems from it's competitors?

Revation Systems offers a suite of products based on the organizations compliance requirements and needs. For LinkLive Banking, this includes the following options:

  • LinkLive Messaging Bundle
  • LinkLive Advanced Bundle
  • LinkLive Engagement Bundle