Revation Systems and COVID-19

We are committed to supporting you

These are unprecedented times as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve.

Due to the current conditions, you may be considering how to serve your customers and communicate with employees in an effort to keep your staff safe and allow them to work remotely, whether it be from home or a different location.

Revation stands ready to support you with your current communication needs by adding the ability to securely route your calls, chats, video, and email to your team members wherever they may be.

Virtualizing Your Communication Needs with Revation’s Services:

As long as there is Internet connectivity, Revation’s services can be operational. In fact, our solutions were designed to enable completely virtual communications. This is simply the result of our security-first approach, solution investments since our inception and our stringent focus on 3rd party audit and related certifications.

As you think about your company’s own response to the current evolving situation, we are here to talk about your specific your communication needs and help virtualize your contact center or phone system to help route calls to wherever your employees may be.

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