Financial Scenarios at Work

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  • Significantly reduce contact center costs while increasing capabilities

  • Highly secure HD video, voice, chat, SMS, email, and fax

  • Easily enable virtual meetings with the most capable team members

  • Empower your strategy by deploying a omni-channel communication strategy

  • Lower delivery costs while increasing speed of service

  • Significantly reduce capital costs for contact center solutions

The financial industry has seen significant change over the last few decades. We’ve had Online Banking for over 20 years and Mobile Banking for more than 10 years. That said, banking has always been built upon relationships. Those organizations focused on digital transformation are working to put more human interaction into building the optimal customer and member experience. It’s about building a seamless experience where an innovative digital platform can connect to a member of the team that is ready to take more time and care with complex matters. LinkLive’s unique combination of secure, compliant communications with digital messaging integration and the ability to cross virtual channels to call center and local branches support a wide variety of use cases. Some of the key scenarios where LinkLive is doing this today include:

  • Digital Chat to Voice and Video Collaboration

  • Right Channeling and Contact Center Optimization

  • Virtual Meetings

  • Digital Concierge

  • Deposit and Loan Origination

  • Branchless Banking

Digital Chat to Voice & Video Collaboration

Connecting consumers to their financial providers is sometimes difficult. Banking has become very transactional and less personal.  As consumers expectations for better access to their financial security both virtually and physically grows, it’s critical for financial institutions to adapt their communication strategies to meet these changing needs. However, the ability to securely and seamlessly pass the consumer across digital and physical channels is very difficult if not cost restrictive. LinkLive gives you an easy and compliant platform to securely connect.

Right Channeling and Contact Center Optimization

Many organizations see the value of their customers adopting and actively using digital banking. It’s a win, win. Not only does this provide efficiency within the bank, in many cases, it also provides a better employee and customer experience. A targeted communication strategy with features like LinkLive’s artificial intelligence and Reva chatbot can help navigate a customer’s journey to the right channel and leave everyone happy with an efficient result.

Virtual Meetings

LinkLive’s dynamic video and voice collaboration offers your customers with secure and compliant virtual meetings with experts over the Internet. All you need is a device and an internet connection. Unlike other overly-rigid or hardware-intensive solutions, LinkLive is a tool that financial providers can easily deploy across their digital channels to enable virtual meetings with their patients. The queuing and call routing capabilities of LinkLive Banking allows for virtual video-based protocols and workflows that closely mirror existing workflow in a Bank or Credit Union contact center. This speeds up adoption while simultaneously lowering the learning curve. The use of PC-industry standard equipment and webcams, connected through LinkLive brings superior-grade solutions at near-commodity prices and allows for increased reach to consumers in their homes or on the go.

Digital Concierge

From reviewing recent transactions, moving money, to working through common digital workflow can be a challenging and daunting customer experience. Those organizations focused on delivering the best customer experience offer complimentary virtual and in-person meetings with a member of the team that really understands digital and is an expert to help consumers to be more confident with technology and to move forward in the digital world.

Deposit and Loan Origination

Research indicates that there remains to be gaps in digital account opening that pushes consumers with the need to visit a branch to complete an application for a new deposit or loan account. This is unfortunate and often leads to frustrating everyone involved. The experience gap is costly, resulting in lost sales, reduced revenue and bad first impressions. LinkLive is uniquely positioned to offer secure and seamless access to a member of the team in a contact center or a local branch. Traditional branch locations and contact centers can be easily and cost effectively expanded to digital traffic with LinkLive Banking to include online and mobile interactions with full voice and video engagement required when digital doesn’t work. The unified communications capabilities within LinkLive provides for easy and scalable skills-based routing of calls and web chats using the same solution and interface for both. No more having multiple call centers  or locations. The secure, cloud-based nature of LinkLive removes the capital and operational costs associated with traditional phone switches and hardware-based solutions.

Branchless Banking

The future of banking is much more than what we’ve seen so far. Artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) and highly encrypted communication systems are enabling a business model far more focused on customer experience and convenience than ever before: branchless banking. This mobile shift in financial services is leading some banks and credit unions to ponder the idea of going completely branchless. How? By enabling all services and transactions through remote communication technology to a cluster of regional bankers in a call center and making them accessible through a bank’s website or various in-person kiosks similar to an ITM. LinkLive Banking has helped enhance contact centers, extend to digital relationships, streamline access to experts with proper skills, as well as increase customer and employee experience.