LinkLive Solutions

We Make and Secure Intelligent Customer Connections

Full contact center in the cloud with the ability to drive experience across digital and physical channels

LinkLive is unified communications software hosted in the cloud that offers a broad range of capabilities including rich digital messaging, a seamless ability to engage humans across physical and digital channels, and leading voice and video communications.

We offer all of the advanced, sophisticated capabilities that are expected in a contact center like skills-based routing,  session recording, workforce management, agent scheduling, and quality monitoring tools.

We also offer a broad range of digital capabilities from chat, secure mail, and co-browsing to the ability for digital users to engaging the physical channels and humans at a Healthcare organization.

LinkLive delivers an integrated experience with an immediate ROI while freeing up precious capital.


  • Avoid capital expenditures and expensive phone switch upgrades

  • Unified blended-media queue for voice, chat, click-to-call increases agent productivity

  • Skills-based routing to get the right communication to the right employee

  • Integrated with popular email and directory applications

  • Cloud configuration reduces deployment time and cost

  • Easily communication-enable any website to allow for easy customer connection

The secure cloud delivery of LinkLive yields a significant reduction in operating costs that are typically associated with a traditional call center infrastructure.

It is easily integrated with existing email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, as well as corporate directories. Such integration allows for a quick and easy transition. Additionally, LinkLive is integrated with market-leading online banking, phone and CRM systems. LinkLive works with any website or online portal to provide online presence and live chat options, making it easy to connect with customers.

We have several scenarios in Market today where we serve over 1 Billion sessions every year. Learn more about our support for both Financial and Healthcare verticals and contact a Sales Representative today to learn more.

Recent Updates

We continue to improve the LinkLive suite of solutions with ongoing experience enhancements with a focus on innovation and a security first approach.

LinkLive 9.1 is Here!

We are excited to announce the LinkLive 9.1 release! This release is focused on three main themes: Innovation, Product Enhancements and Security Updates. Please continue reading below to learn more about LinkLive 9.1’s new capabilities.


LinkLive Chat with Co-Browse & Video:

We’ve modernized how guests and customers interact with LinkLive chat, video engagement, and voice services to bridge the customer experience gap across digital and physical channels. Clients can easily integrate LinkLive Chat into their websites to then seamlessly and securely connect customers and agents.

It’s a standard part of the LinkLive suite and seen as the essential communication capabilities required to enable your brand. Bundled together with secure mail and co-browsing, it’s everything required of a digital solution that gives your consumers the ability to securely communicate from anywhere at anytime.

Product Enhancements

We are introducing numerous enhancements to both the agent and user experience within LinkLive’s Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) Portal, including the ability for Supervisors with QA permissions to edit any prior agent scorings (previously only their own reviews). Additionally, reports in MMP can now be filtered by agent skills.

The Campaign Manager solution now has the ability for users to request agent interactions by pressing a key (i.e. ‘Press 1 to talk to an agent, Press 2 to request a call back’).

Our Knowledge Base solution now has the ability to send alerts via the Revation Communicator. Alerts will pop up on an agent’s Communicator upon signing in, displaying pinned alerts at the top of the message window and newsfeed posts listed below.

Security Updates

We continue to keep security a top priority with several proactive enhancements necessary for the renewal of our HITRUST certification.

Reva, a Bot powered by Artificial Intelligence Technology

As digital transformation impacts the financial services and healthcare industries, call centers are turning to unified communications solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer/member experience.

We’ve expanded LinkLive by adding Reva, a bot powered by artificial intelligence. Reva is a human-connected bot, that will enhance the customer experience.

Be it Financial or Healthcare services, implementing AI and chatbot technology can automate some routine customer communications. Like many chat bots, Reva can streamline and automate much of the communication that takes place today internally and externally.

The power with customer engagement is having the ability to seamlessly pass from a self-serve channel to a human-to-human connection. What’s unique about Reva is the ability to intelligently route sessions based on the authentication of the device to a human on your team, all done with security. Contact us to talk about putting Reva to work with a simple servicing bot, a complex bot to assist with account opening, as a supervisor in your contact center, or another role to match your transformation agenda.

We’ve recently added to our library of Reva Bot technology and are excited to introduce the Reva Service-Based Text Bot! This Reva bot offers the ability to provide fast, automated answers to common questions to help increase customer satisfaction and reduce unnecessary friction in the customer journey with the option to transfer the interaction to a member of your team at any point in the conversation. The Reva Service-Based Text Bot helps to streamline efforts and free up time for your team to focus on more complex customer support matters.

LinkLive Mobile Worker

We’ve evolved the Mobile Worker experience to fit with the way that humans live and work today.

With the increase of case workers spending their workday away from their desk, we’ve added an iOS app that offers a variety of critical data. Now, the same way you go into your favorite app to log your personal exercise or move money between accounts in a banking app, your mobile case workers can log their mileage, perform follow-up documentation after a visit, or simply prepare for the next visit. There are a lot of new features packed into the new LinkLive Mobile Worker app for iOS.

This is an exciting addition to LinkLive, especially to our healthcare customers, and we’ll be watching usage here as we prioritize what’s next.

LinkLive is HITRUST Certified

At Revation, we’ve had a Security First mindset since our inception. We have a passion for making the complex simple and embracing risk to deliver great results. When We Say “We Secure Customer Communications”, We Mean It. And LinkLive is HITRUST Certified.

HITRUST is a standardized methodology and framework to effectively and consistently measure compliance and risk. Our assessment has over 600 controls spanning a multitude of areas including the way we collect information, our testing procedures, and how we address federal, state, and industry requirements.