Campaign Manager

Automation of Outbound Patient Engagement

  • Automate Outbound Engagement

  • Easily Configure Campaigns

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliant

Amid the digital transformation that is occurring in the healthcare industry today, healthcare organizations are finding it necessary to rethink the way they communicate with patients. Advancements in technology are making the automation of outbound patient engagement more simple than ever before. Campaign management solutions can increase efficiency and effectiveness of contact center agents and, most importantly, provide a greater quality of care to patients.

Automate Outbound Engagement

Automate outbound customer and prospect engagement with our Campaign Manager Solution, which interacts with Revation’s LinkLive suite and can be connected to almost any type of customer data. Users can easily create, manage and coordinate ongoing outbound campaigns for voice and text to patients. The application offers a dashboard view that displays active campaigns and recently completed campaigns, as well as recent calls and events in the system.

Easily Configure Campaigns

Campaigns can be set to run in five different modes. Configuring campaigns is a simple process and the status of campaigns can be easily changed whether they are pending, currently running, pending/paused/stopped or have been completed. Call lists can be uploaded to campaigns directly by the user in the application and multiple lists can be added to a single campaign. Customizable schedules for campaigns allow users to define the days of the week and the times for the campaign to run.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliant

The solution has a feature to enable Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) parameters for campaigns to comply with auto-dialed call regulations. Automated actions for campaigns enables users to select actions and voice messages for primary and alternative phone numbers. Voice messages can be created with personalized text-to-speech capabilities, simplifying the creation of outbound engagement campaigns.

LinkLive is HITRUST Certified

At Revation, we’ve had a Security First mindset since our inception. We have a passion for making the complex simple and embracing risk to deliver great results. When We Say “We Secure Customer Communications”, We Mean It. And LinkLive is HITRUST Certified.

HITRUST is a standardized methodology and framework to effectively and consistently measure compliance and risk. Our assessment has over 600 controls spanning a multitude of areas including the way we collect information, our testing procedures, and how we address federal, state, and industry requirements.