Knowledge Base

Enhance Patient Experience and Increase Agent Productivity

  • Fully integrated into LinkLive

  • Dynamic content based on caller ID, SMS info, and chat sessions
  • An all-inclusive search function

As healthcare systems continue to grow and expand their number of clinics, retail care, specialty groups and urgency centers, many call centers face a common challenge: creating an organized space where their agents can easily search and access information during customer interactions.

LinkLive Knowledge Base offers frequently used resources with a single click, robust search function that allows contact center agents to quickly find sought-after information. Knowledge Base is an easy-to-use tool that can be updated by each individual clinic or department with pertinent information for their agents in an accurate, organized and fast manner.

LinkLive Knowledge Base is ideal for contact center agents who have the need to reference provider protocol outside of their scheduling software, as it ensures that all information is accurate, up to date and easily accessible.