Measuring, Monitoring & Planning Portal

Real-Time Monitoring to Improve Productivity

LinkLive’s Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) Portal is a unique application for contact center agents and supervisors that utilizes a variety of tools to measure contact center statistics, monitor agent performance and plan scheduling for peak call times.

  • Surveys

  • Agent Dashboard

  • Call Detail Record & Audit Trails

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Monitoring

  • Tone Analysis Reporting

  • Workforce Management & Scheduling

  • Wallboards (“Tiles”)

  • Agent Scorecards

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reporting

  • Desktop Recording

Vacations and illnesses are, unfortunately, natural parts of the complexity of managing a contact center. What is clear is that contact center supervisors and agents are in need of a more efficient process for communicating schedule needs. That’s exactly what our Agent Scheduling tool does.

The tool is available for agents to submit their vacation and time off requests that are then presented to their supervisor or manager to be approved or denied. Agents also have the ability to view their upcoming schedules in the week or months ahead either from work or from home.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We provide the ability to “see” your agents desktop when listening to a previously recorded call. Supervisors in the Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) Portal can access desktop recordings of a historical session along with audio recordings.

Provide your contact center with real-time, next generation wallboards monitoring to keep the environment energized around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Customizable tiles displaying essential call center metrics, such as average speed of answer, service level, average sessions per hour, and average handle time makes it easy for contact center management to keep an eye on staff performance in real-time.

MMP’s QA scoring provides contact center management and supervisors with the tools they need to monitor their staff effectively. Administrators in the system are able to join active sessions to help train new agents, or to simply perform QA checks on agents.

The ability to monitor agent stations (desktop, video and audio) enhances management’s ability not only to better train agents, but to ensure their adherence to policies and procedures, as well. Daily agent metrics and session details that can be easily referenced cuts down time spent on QA monitoring.

Reva Tone Analysis provides contact center agents with real-time insight to their tone of voice when interacting with a patient via voice or chat. The solution has 3 prepackaged roles that can seamlessly be deployed in a contact center. Each role provides the agent with tone analysis data specific to their role and the type of content that exists in their communications.

MMP’s Call Detail Records (CDR) and Audit Trails provides contact center management with detailed logging for every event that occurs in the system. CDR’s include database reference ID (links) that enable call recording to be answered with one click from any CDR record. Audit trails ensure any type of access to any content on the system can be retrieved by auditors and compliance managers.

MMP’s Agent Dashboard allows contact center agents to view individual statistics in real-time and compare their performance with their peers throughout the course of a workday. The Agent Dashboard can be viewed directly from a session window in LinkLive.

The session view includes metrics on:

  • Inbound sessions
  • Outbound sessions
  • Average handle time
  • Service level
  • Average speed of answer
  • Redirect on no answer
  • Redirect on agent action
  • Abandons

MMP Surveys offer consolidated survey results for all channels along with media and independent survey capabilities with aggregated results across multiple channels. Voice, chat and text surveys enable contact centers to provide a higher level of customer service in a convenient and easy way.

LinkLive is HITRUST Certified

At Revation, we’ve had a Security First mindset since our inception. We have a passion for making the complex simple and embracing risk to deliver great results. When We Say “We Secure Customer Communications”, We Mean It. And LinkLive is HITRUST Certified.

HITRUST is a standardized methodology and framework to effectively and consistently measure compliance and risk. Our assessment has over 600 controls spanning a multitude of areas including the way we collect information, our testing procedures, and how we address federal, state, and industry requirements.