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LinkLive Banking is for Financial Institutions who need to securely communicate with customers, clients, employees, and business partners and want it to work in the way that we all live and work across digital and physical channels.

LinkLive is unified communications software hosted in the cloud that offers a broad range of capabilities including rich digital banking messaging, a seamless ability to engage humans across physical and digital channels, and leading voice, video communications, and artificial intelligence to power a contact center.

We offer all of the advanced, sophisticated capabilities that are expected in a contact center like skills-based routing,  session recording, workforce management, agent scheduling, and quality monitoring tools.

LinkLive delivers an integrated experience all with an immediate ROI while freeing up precious capital.

LinkLive Messaging Bundle

Essential communication capabilities that enable your brand.

Everything required of a digital solution that gives your consumers the ability to securely communicate from anywhere at anytime.


LinkLive Engagement Bundle

Engagement expected to elevate your consumer satisfaction.

A capability set that optimizes the human connection across physical and digital channels to bridge more loyalty and trust.


LinkLive Advanced Bundle

All communication modes to maneuver your digital transformation agenda.

The full suite of LinkLive functionality that converts all of your channels into a secure, seamless consumer experience.

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Recent Updates

Take a look at some of recent enhancements to LinkLive as we continue to improve the experience, add innovative capabilities, and lead with security as part of our HITRUST certification

Start an Application with AI and then Pass it to a Human

Typically, customers search for options online and then cross-over to a contact center, email, or a physical location to begin the application process. In most cases, they lose all context when they cross channels.

We’ve put Reva, our chatbot powered by artificial intelligences to work. We have a prototype where consumers can interact with Reva to learn about options for Refinancing or starting a new application. Of course, this is complex and requires the knowledge of a Loan Originator with the tools at their disposal to provide the best experience.

Well, that’s the unique delivery with Reva. Reva can provide options to securely pass all of the information to an Originator via text, a call, or video collaboration.

It’s an excellent example of Reva’s ability to seamlessly and securely pass a customer session from a self-serve channel to a human-to-human connection.

LinkLive Banking Online Calendar & Lobby Management

In a recent study published by the Financial Brand indicates that the majority of Banking appointments scheduled in the US involved high-value products — lending consultations, consumer loans, mortgages, auto loans and home equity loans/lines of credit. This finding highlights the continuing role and relevance of branches with respect to revenue.

We’ve recently added Online Calendar & Lobby Management to the LinkLive suite. We think it’s an essential communication capability required to engage with your consumers.