LinkLive Banking Engagement Bundle

The engagement level that is expected in order to elevate your consumer’s satisfaction


  • One provider for encrypted, compliant video, audio, email, and co-browse capabilities all integrated into your digital channels and connected to the members on your team

  • Prebuilt dashboards and reports organizing data into actionable insights offering significant efficiency and revenue opportunities

  • Virtual face-to-face collaboration with your Agents and Consumers leading to lower support costs and a superior experience

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This bundle of LinkLive capabilities provides everything required to optimize the human connection across physical and digital channels that will bridge more loyalty and trust.

  • Includes All Features in Messaging Bundle +

  • Online Calendaring & Lobby Management

  • Channels Communications Dashboard (Measuring, Monitoring & Planning Portal)

  • Video Collaboration for Both Consumer & Team Member in Communicator Client

  • Reva, a Chatbot Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Everything in Messaging Bundle +

The Engagement bundle incorporates all of the features available in the previous bundle and adds additional capabilities. It’s for a Bank or Credit Union that wants to humanize their channels with secure communication strategies.

Online Calendar & Lobby Management

It’s important to get the care you need when you need it or the advice you need when you need it. Scheduling an appointment should be as easy. This LinkLive feature is designed to provide an integrated, real-time ability for your consumers to schedule an appointment from any digital channel with a member of your team at a different or physical location. A manager or supervisor can set up a service to schedule across the enterprise or right down to a specific local branch. The services to schedule are up to you. It’s a flexible feature to fit your operating model. For example, set up general services, add a digital concierge to drive adoption, or target the mortgage process to make it easier. Again, the service schedule can fit what and where you want to schedule for services.

Next, add in specific individuals as resources that can take these appointments. This ensures that your consumers can get connected with available agents with the proper skill sets. To the public, consumers see the appointment opportunities for the openings in the calendar. They do not see the calendar for the individuals being assigned and available to provide the service. When it comes time for the appointment, LinkLive will notify the consumer to remind them of their upcoming appointment. The appointment reminder will have a 1-time code that they can use when they arrive at to the branch location where LinkLive will then notify your team member.

Redefine the appointment booking process and increase customer satisfaction along with revenue for your business all while reducing contact center volume and no-shows!

Measuring, Monitoring & Planning Portal

In today’s world of always on, always available, leading companies demand more data to deliver a better customer experience. MMP, Monitoring, Measuring, and Planning is a unique application for managers, agents, and supervisors that utilizes a variety of tools to measure communication statistics, monitor agent performance, and plan scheduling for peak call times. It’s a 360 view of the data to run your communication operations across your channels.

MMP has a variety of users and typically targets the management team and supervisors that are focused on the contact center’s performance insights and opportunities for change. Learn more about the broad range of capabilities within MMP.

Video Collaboration

We all want to use self-serve channels until we don’t. That’s when we want to connect with a human. And when you add video, it’s always better collaboration. Not only does this virtual face-to-face interaction help you to solve problems more effectively using a lower cost support structure but also reduces case research and resolution time, giving your customers a superior experience with your institution.

LinkLive Video Collaboration allows for on-the-fly, real-time communications to take place safely and securely within an organization and with customers, clients, business partners, and prospects. By enabling this feature, you will positioning your Agents and Experts directly with your customers.

LinkLive Banking is HITRUST Certified

At Revation, we’ve had a Security First mindset since our inception. We have a passion for making the complex simple and embracing risk to deliver great results. When We Say “We Secure Customer Communications”, We Mean It. And LinkLive is HITRUST Certified.

HITRUST is a standardized methodology and framework to effectively and consistently measure compliance and risk. Our assessment has over 600 controls spanning a multitude of areas including the way we collect information, our testing procedures, and how we address federal, state, and industry requirements.