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We serve multiple segments across the healthcare ecosystem including payers, providers, population health organizations, government, and community social service organizations. And we have established relationships with some of the industry’s largest companies offering a unique combination of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications with virtual call center and secure multi-point video capabilities that support a wide variety of use cases.

LinkLive is for healthcare organizations who need to securely communicate with with patient members, doctors, and business partners and want it to work in the way that we all live and work across digital and physical channels.

For many of our clients, LinkLive Healthcare is critical as they work to increase the quality of care while also reducing the cost of care.

LinkLive offers a broad range of capabilities including rich digital messaging, a seamless ability to engage humans across channels, and leading voice and video communications with artificial intelligence to power a contact center.

Easy-to-use encrypted web chat with integrated secure desktop sharing / co-browsing. Patient Members can see up-to-date availability on your website, and click on a link to launch a secure browser-based web chat session. Customer service agents can launch secure co-browsing sessions to facilitate troubleshooting and patient member education, while encrypted file transfer allows for the secure sharing of documents.

Secure encrypted email enables your financial institution to safeguard messages between employees and existing Patient Members. Today’s digital savvy users want to email Healthcare providers with questions and concerns. LinkLive’s encrypted email enables your customer service staff, nurses, and employees to use existing email systems (such as Microsoft Outlook) for secure encrypted communications while maintaining regulatory compliance. LinkLive Healthcare enables secure, encrypted email with any email address and anyone within your organization.

LinkLive Healthcare supports advanced, easily-configurable skills-based routing to ensure your patient members get connected with available agents with the proper skill sets. Whether it is customer service or a speciality groups in the clinic, it is ensured that customers will receive appropriate help. These skill-based queues are simple to set up and maintain. Additionally, LinkLive Healthcare allows for the consolidation and integration of multiple communication methods – phone, chat, email – into a single solution. This integration increases agent effectiveness, thereby enhancing customer experience. In traditional approaches, a customer who exhausts his or her resolution capabilities on a web chat typically must call into a separate phone queue and most often start over with the resolution process. With LinkLive Healthcare, the same agent can handle both the chat and phone for the customer, requiring less hand-off and patient member redirects. This drives greater efficiency and better customer satisfaction.

Bring your presence status and automation to any web site, allowing you to quickly and safely enable any web property for real-time communications. Up-to-the-second presence information for queues (such as service, specialty groups, nurses, etc.) can be shown with just a few lines of Javascript on the site. When a customer clicks on the status link or icon, an encrypted inbound chat is created that is securely queued and routed to the appropriate group. A variety of call distribution methods and skills-based routing can be used to route the session to an appropriate and available agent. Dynamic information can be passed along with the session, so the agent has both system-generated and customer-generated information for the incoming session.

We’ve expanded LinkLive by adding Reva, a bot powered by artificial intelligence. Reva is a human-connected bot, that will enhance the customer experience.

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Vacations, illness, etc. are, unfortunately, natural parts of the complexity of managing a contact center. This scheduling feature is for Agents to submit their vacation and time off requests that are then presented to their Supervisor to be approved or denied.

Successful organizations look to a 360 view of the data to run your communication operations. LinkLive has prebuilt dashboards and reports, saving your teams time organizing data into insights. Measuring, Monitoring & Planning, or MMP, utilizes a variety of tools to measure your customer channel statistics, monitor agent performance, and plan scheduling for peak call times.

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We all want to use self-serve channels until we don’t. That’s when we want to connect with a human. And when you add video, it’s always better collaboration. Not only does this virtual face-to-face interaction help you to solve problems more effectively using a lower cost support structure but also reduces case research and resolution time, giving your customers a superior experience with your institution.

LinkLive Video Collaboration allows for on-the-fly, real-time communications to take place safely and securely within an organization and with customers, clients, business partners, and prospects. By enabling this feature, you will positioning your Agents, Nurse, and Specialists directly with your Patient Members.

Amid the digital transformation that is occurring today, organizations are finding it necessary to rethink the way they communicate. Campaign management solutions can increase efficiency and effectiveness of contact center agents and, most importantly, provide a greater quality of care to consumers. Help your team to better target your customers and achieve more effective cross selling opportunities. This LinkLive capability offers a number of use-case to drive real value by automating outbound customer and prospect engagement and can be connected to almost any type of customer data.

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As healthcare systems continue to grow and expand their number of clinics, retail care, specialty groups and urgency centers, many call centers face a common challenge: creating an organized space where their agents can easily search and access information during customer interactions. LinkLive Knowledge Base is an ideal solution to help here.

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With many aspects of the healthcare industry moving to mobile, case workers that spend much of their workday away from their desk performing on-site case visits have developed a significant need for a mobile solution that enables them to both communicate with fellow employees and document data.

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Whether you are looking to connect LinkLive to your existing contact center hardware, extend SLAs, or you want to create real-time failover via an internet connection, LinkLive Connection Intelligence (LLCI) leverages secure vector routing and session orientation to real-time failover. Speed up, secure, and cut WAN cost with LLCI, going beyond SD-WAN with secure vector routing, session orientation while bringing data center like network resilience to your premise. Contact us to learn more about this industry-first approach.

Recent Updates

Take a look at some of recent enhancements to LinkLive as we continue to improve the experience, add innovative capabilities, and lead with security as part of our HITRUST certification.

LinkLive 9.1 is Here!

We are excited to announce the LinkLive 9.1 release! This release is focused on three main themes: Innovation, Product Enhancements and Security Updates. Please continue reading below to learn more about LinkLive 9.1’s new capabilities.


LinkLive Chat with Co-Browse & Video:

We’ve modernized how guests and customers interact with LinkLive chat, video engagement, and voice services to bridge the customer experience gap across digital and physical channels. Clients can easily integrate LinkLive Chat into their websites to then seamlessly and securely connect customers and agents.

It’s a standard part of the LinkLive suite and seen as the essential communication capabilities required to enable your brand. Bundled together with secure mail and co-browsing, it’s everything required of a digital solution that gives your consumers the ability to securely communicate from anywhere at anytime.

Product Enhancements

We are introducing numerous enhancements to both the agent and user experience within LinkLive’s Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) Portal, including the ability for Supervisors with QA permissions to edit any prior agent scorings (previously only their own reviews). Additionally, reports in MMP can now be filtered by agent skills.

The Campaign Manager solution now has the ability for users to request agent interactions by pressing a key (i.e. ‘Press 1 to talk to an agent, Press 2 to request a call back’).

Our Knowledge Base solution now has the ability to send alerts via the Revation Communicator. Alerts will pop up on an agent’s Communicator upon signing in, displaying pinned alerts at the top of the message window and newsfeed posts listed below.

Security Updates

We continue to keep security a top priority with several proactive enhancements necessary for the renewal of our HITRUST certification.

Mobile Worker

With the increase of case workers spending their workday away from their desk, we’ve added a new feature an iOS app that offers a variety of critical data for case workers. Now, the same way you go into your favorite app to log your personal exercise or move money between accounts in a banking app, your mobile case workers can log their mileage, perform follow-up documentation after a visit, or simply prepare for the next visit. There are a lot of new features packed into the new LinkLive Mobile Worker app for iOS.

Reva Tone Analyzer

Sometimes we all need some coaching and feedback. Imagine if we could get it real-time. We’ve put Reva, our chatbot powered by artificial intelligences to do just that.

Reva provides guidance to your Agent Representatives throughout a customer interaction, making your them aware of voice inflections or word choices that might help optimize the customer experience. With this type of technology, your agents have instant feedback, private to them all during their conversations. Reva is interpreting and gauging with indicators that you set up or by default choices such as joy, agreeableness, or openness in their own voices.

All of the words used are getting input from Reva in real-time, improving the overall experience for customers as the agents pivot accordingly in Reva’s feedback.

Agent Desktop Recording

Well, they say that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Now, when a Supervisor monitors or works to assess performance, we offer the ability to “see” the agent’s desktop along with hearing the call playback.

For Supervisors that have access to audio playback in the LinkLive measurement dashboard, we’ve added the ability to playback the desktop recording along with the audio from the agent. This will now be the default offering for any Supervisors.

LinkLive is HITRUST Certified

At Revation, we’ve had a Security First mindset since our inception. We have a passion for making the complex simple and embracing risk to deliver great results. When We Say “We Secure Customer Communications”, We Mean It. And LinkLive is HITRUST Certified.

HITRUST is a standardized methodology and framework to effectively and consistently measure compliance and risk. Our assessment has over 600 controls spanning a multitude of areas including the way we collect information, our testing procedures, and how we address federal, state, and industry requirements.