Receive more transfer patients so the right caregivers can be there.

With LinkLive, everything you need for smooth patient transfer is now in one digital web-based platform.

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If you are a LinkLive user, you have access to a free 90-day trial! Experience fast implementation of our features including advanced security, secure chat + transfer module, and face sheet AI recognition along with some reporting capabilities. Request a demo today to learn more.


Transfer patients in minutes on any device – no dialing, leaving messages, or waiting

The patient transfer command center is transformed by a modern digital patient transfer platform. LinkLive enables your transfer teams to securely upload face sheets, access patient history, and connect with healthcare providers through one communication platform. No dialing is required.


With LinkLive, hospitals save more lives with faster patient transfer.

The LinkLive Patient Transfer is the industry’s first solution to enable any HC provider that receives referrals from other providers to do so efficiently with shortened time to care. This can mean saving lives through rapid upload of referring parties information into the system with less delays in scheduling which increases revenue and quality of care.


When patients are transferred out or inbound transfers are not accepted revenue is lost

The reality is that all the patients cannot be treated all the time. There are always transfers out of your organization. However, what about the patients that you are losing to other facilities? Do you know how many you are losing and why?

Gaining visibility to what is happening and why matters. With LinkLive you can see the trends and convert your inbound transfer center to a virtual ED / command center to reach and save more lives. With this data you can maximize treatment in place. As a result, your organization will drive optimal patient outcomes and prevent unnecessary transfers.

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