A Human Connected Bot

Seamlessly Pass from a Self-Serve Channel to a Human-to-Human Connection

  • Streamline Communications

  • Differentiate By Connecting to Humans

  • Focus on Both Customers & Employees

  • Deliver Simple and Complex AI

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Reva & Healthcare
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As digital transformation impacts the financial services and healthcare industries, call centers are turning to unified communications solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer/member experience.

Meet Reva, a bot powered by artificial intelligence. Reva is a human-connected bot, that will enhance the customer experience. Like many chatbots, Reva can streamline and automate much of the communication that takes place today internally and externally.

Your customers can interact with Reva both through a browser or a mobile device via text surrounding specific topics like servicing an account or opening a new account. Or, Reva can work with your internal employees to monitor activity or perform a supervisory role.

The power of customer engagement is having the ability to seamlessly pass from a self-serve channel to a human-to-human connection. What’s unique about Reva is the ability to intelligently route sessions based on the authentication of the device to a human on your team, all done with security.